úterý 10. února 2015

Kælan Mikla

I came across this band on KEXP this month and I can't tell whether I like them or not. They are fascinating and at the same time a bit unpleasant and maybe a bit creepy. Drums, bass and poetry. Kælan Mikla.

sobota 21. prosince 2013


Oh yes, a riot grrrl band in its purest. They don't care about how the people will react, if the people will like their English-German lyrics (which are truly unique!), or if the people will even like them. A drum song? A cable-ends-noise song? No problem. Candelilla from Munich. 

sobota 12. října 2013

středa 4. září 2013


My first experience with this band was their song "She Will". I fell in love with this song. And I thought a man was singing this. The voice reminded me of the Please The Trees singer. (compare: Please The Trees - Red Sky :D ) But, oh, it's a girl band!!! They're touring right now around US and Europe. Don't miss them! I hope I won't!!! ;)

====>   Savages - She Will   <====


sobota 3. srpna 2013

The Butchies!

Three girls from Team Dresch (Kaia Wilson, Alison Martlew, and Melissa York) started The Butchies in 1998 in Durham, North Carolina.The band existed until 2005 although they still have been playing sporadically afterwards, for example with Amy Ray of the Indigo Girls.

I love them and their album "Make Yr Life" is absolutely amazing!!!! :)

neděle 7. října 2012

Beware of Chaos!


This is a new project of Asya and Chloe from Smoosh. The shift is apparent, now it is poppy, catchy and more electro music! But still very nice.